How to Build a Sustainable Learning Organization

2016 Learning & Development Reports: Key Findings and Future Trends
December 12, 2016
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How to Build a Sustainable Learning Organization

Most successful businesses understand the importance of continuous improvement and to do this, the company must make a commitment to learning. Often referred to as learning organizations, these organizations are highly skilled in the creation, acquisition, and transfer of knowledge. If you want to help your business transition to a fully-fledged learning organization, here are three tips that will help.

Define Knowledge Standards and Expectations

The first step to becoming a learning organization consists of answering an important question: Why? Why does the company want to become a learning organization and why does the organization want its team to contribute and share their knowledge? The why will help determine the how and lay the foundation for creating a strategic plan.

Don’t Rely on Training Alone

Training is an important tool used to impart knowledge, but it isn’t the only thing that matters in a learning organization. Learning is about sharing stories, trying something new, and making mistakes. Organizations should encourage people to learn by doing, as it plays an important role in engaging and motivating employees and allows them to interact with their environments.

Promote a Culture of Knowledge

It is imperative that companies promote a culture of knowledge-sharing among employees. Use learning formats that are aligned with employees’ work schedule, and make every second feel valuable. Reward employees who seek to know more about the business, customers, products, and industry, as well as those who share what they know with others. Work to create a corporate culture that recognizes both individual learning and collaboration, and involve stakeholders that can help with mentoring, teaching, and coaching others.

Learning cannot be an afterthought – it must be a core value. Emphasizing learning as a core business value will help organizations commit to continuous improvement and transition to a sustainable learning organization.

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